Healing Inner Child


Healing with emphasis on Inner Child connection 

Do you remember moments in your life when you felt that anything is possible and you can do anything? Deep down you know that you can live your entire life by building it any way you desire. Yes, there is a unique authentic genius inside of you that we call Inner Child. That part of you is a bridge to your happy genius life.  

As human beings we give meaning to all experiences we have in life. I call that meaning “a charge”. Your Inner Child is a part of your psyche that accumulates all “charges” connected to all our experiences. Too much emotional charge connected to an event prevents your inner genius from coming through. It can also make you experience inner emotional pain that sometimes becomes physical pain, especially if you are a sensitive and empathetic person.

At this retreat you will learn the tools to recognize and understand the accumulated charge, as well as learn to work with it. The purpose of this retreat is to reconnect to your Inner Child and remain connected to that genius-you at any time you choose.

All healing retreats are also available online.