Ancestral Connections Healing

Healing with emphasis on the Ancestral connections

As human beings we live in the linear time of the moment. We, in fact, have agreed to have the experience of yesterday, today and tomorrow in life on Earth. However, there is another experience of time that is available for us when we connect to our infinite nature. We call that time spherical or no-time time; where past, present and future in other words ancestors of the past, present and future, all exist at the same time right now! All experiences are connected and alive, right now influencing each other and reflecting into your life today.

At the retreat you will receive knowledge, tools and experience to recognize and work with ancestral limitations that are influencing your current life. You will be able lovingly heal and integrate limiting ancestral experiences into your light body receiving their assistance in co-Creating the life of your desire.

All healing retreats are also available online.